When did you launch your EPM solution?  Were all of your requirements included in the original build?  Has your business changed?  Are you operating on an unsupported platform version?  During the initial implementation of an EPM solution, processes are centralized and simplified.  As the solution matures, improved efficiencies are gained.  At full maturity, process optimization occurs as well as the minimization of non-predictable outcomes.  GBI offers several options to help you take advantage of your EPM footprint:

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Solution Review

A Solution Review by GBI is designed to find opportunities to enhance your current solution set via optimization, leveraging additional feature/functionality, or the introduction of complimentary tools.  These reviews range from full environment/application reviews to feature/functionality reviews (i.e. Business Rules).  We will provide a roadmap for the near and long-term to help you maximize your investment in the Oracle Hyperion suite.

Upgrade to a New Release

Each new product release includes enhancements and new feature/functionality.  When upgrading to a new release, GBI takes the time to understand gaps in your current solution and evaluate the value-proposition of implementing these new features and enhancements.  We review your current processes and technology footprint to ensure your technology investment is operating efficiently and scaling accordingly.  In addition, GBI will collaborate with you to review any processes “created” as a byproduct of a software or design limitation within your current solution set.

Migration from Enterprise

Our team has been working with Hyperion Enterprise clients for 20+ years. Our deep expertise within both the Hyperion Enterprise and subsequent Oracle consolidation solutions allow us to provide tremendous benefit during the migration process. Whether the driving requirement is a technical/compliance upgrade, or a move to take advantage of the many features of the new product families, GBI can partner with your organization to guide you through this process.

Chart of Accounts Assessment

Every two years, GBI suggests that you review your COA and dimensionality to ensure they are scaling to your business needs and meeting your reporting requirements.  GBI will work with you to determine the right mix of general ledger metadata members and associated EPM metadata members to uncover opportunities to address general ledger limitations from within your EPM solution.

As we pass from one stage to another in the Close and Consolidation Maturity Model, we continuously improve upon processes, reduce cycle times, and become more aligned utilizing integrated solutions.