Enterprise alignment for financial planning is challenging to achieve due to competing priorities between the office of finance and sales or operational business units.  Planning and forecasting becomes resource-intensive and time consuming, leveraging disconnected spreadsheets or multiple point solutions.

The Oracle Financial Planning and Analysis suite provides agility to the enterprise planning process by quickly aligning financial plans, models and forecasts across cost centers and lines of business thus enabling decisions to be made at a speed which business demands. The impact of changes to key plan drivers and assumptions can be evaluated instantaneously, and revisions made available immediately to all stakeholders without the reliability risks from manual interventions.  Purpose-built solutions, such as capital planning or workforce planning, tailor models for specific needs.  Strategic, or what-if modeling, is available with prebuilt treasury capabilities for sophisticated debt and capital structure management.  In addition, the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Platform is available for all data integration and reporting requirements.


Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud is a complete planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution that enables organizations of any size to rapidly adopt world-class planning applications, improving forecast accuracy with minimal IT resources.

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Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service

Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service enables business owners to maintain independent plans while aligning planning processes across the enterprise —all with the ease and simplicity of the cloud—and without heavy reliance on IT.

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Hyperion Planning

Oracle Hyperion Planning is a centralized planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution that integrates financial and operational planning processes and improves business predictability.

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Hyperion Strategic Finance

Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance is a feature-rich financial forecasting and modeling solution with on-the-fly scenario analysis and modeling capabilities. It offers prebuilt treasury capabilities for sophisticated debt and capital structure management and integrates closely with Oracle Hyperion Planning to provide a complete integrated closed-loop planning process.

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Hyperion Project Financial Planning

Oracle Hyperion Project Financial Planning supports financial planning and forecasting for contract, capital, and indirect projects. It bridges the gap between project management systems and financial planning processes, supporting the complete project financial management lifecycle.

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Hyperion Workforce Planning

Oracle Hyperion Workforce Planning makes headcount, salary, and compensation planning fast and efficient across the enterprise. Designed with pre-built functionality and best practices, it simplifies the planning of workforce and workforce related expenses, such as bonuses, fringe benefits, overtime, and merit increases. Link your workforce expense plans into Oracle Hyperion Planning to quickly understand the business impact of workforce decisions on overall expense plans.

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Hyperion Capital Asset Planning

Designed with prebuilt functionality and best practices, Oracle Hyperion Capital Asset Planning automates the planning of capital assets and related expenses, such as depreciation, maintenance, and insurance. Link to Oracle Hyperion Planning to immediately assess the impact of capital expenses on finances for the entire organization.

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Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting

Designed for public sector, healthcare, higher education, this solution simplifies budget preparation, review and approval, publication, and disclosure. Prebuilt models help accurately forecast the impact of employee compensation on overall budgets.

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