At GBI, our team of consultants is comprised of OneStream and Oracle|Hyperion experts and industry leaders focused solely on delivering visionary solutions within the Corporate Performance Management (“CPM”) space. Over the past 20+ years, our team has designed and delivered 100s of OneStream and Oracle|Hyperion based global financial system solutions. Our team brings real world experience, countless client experiences, as well as deep technical and accounting expertise to guide our clients through the implementation process. Our goal is to guide our clients to self-sufficiency with all of our solutions. Team members are certified in their respective product suite, and a majority of our consultants are CPAs with extensive finance/accounting experience.

Managing Directors

Our Managing Directors have more than 20 years’ experience within the Finance and CPM domains.  They have spent a significant amount of time as client-side CPA/Finance professionals during their tenure.  They also have extensive experience as developers, architects and project leads on 100s of implementation over their consulting careers.  These engagements have included numerous complex full system implementations, business process/system reviews as well as in-depth advisory services for re-engineering projects, acquisition, divestures, etc.  They are members of the CPM advisory boards, and have close partnerships with OneStream and Oracle|Hyperion product development and the sales organization.  In short, our senior professionals have “grown up” in this industry and have been leading practitioners/advisors for decades.

Project Leads

Our Project Leads have more than 15 years’ experience within the Finance and CPM domains.  They bring a wide variety of skills to all project work focused mainly around Finance/Accounting process, Data Integration, Consolidation/FP&A Systems, Reporting solutions and Advisory Services.  As with our Managing Directors, they have grown up in the Finance/Accounting domain and bring deep end-to-end expertise.


Our Architects also have more than 10 years’ experience within the Finance and CPM domains.  Their focus has been on design and delivering numerous solutions involving all aspects of the OneStream XF platform as well as the Oracle|Hyperion suite of products.  Many are CPAs, and all have Finance/Accounting backgrounds. They also bring deep accounting and process knowledge, allowing them to work seamlessly with your team.  We pride ourselves on this seamless integration and working collaboratively with our clients, removing the need to “translate” design requirements into a format that can be understood by pure technical resources.  At GBI, these resources have mastered both the finance and technical aspects of system implementations.

Senior Consultants

Our Senior Consultants have more than 5 years’ experience within the Finance and CPM domains.  These resources have a strong approach to problem solving and a well-rounded knowledge of both the technical and process side of the products they implement.  They have been involved in numerous full system implementations/upgrades and possess the skills necessary to drive solutions within our clients.  They possess extensive experience with the latest software releases and are experts in the respective fields.

When engaging GBI team members, the concept of modular consulting teams (using one consultant for data integration, one for core application build, one for reporting, etc.) is disruptive and unnecessary.  The GBI team members operate end-to-end within their respective product suites.