Financial data quality is not an option – it’s a requirement in today’s
corporate reporting environment where errors or omissions in
financial statements can result in compliance penalties, loss of
confidence by stakeholders and often a reduction in market value.

Integrated Data Quality for Confidence and Compliance
With OneStream, Financial Data Quality is not a module or separate
product, but part of the core platform. Financial Consolidation &
Reporting, Budgeting, Forecasting & Planning and Analysis data
simply has to be right. OneStream’s Data Quality Management
provides strict controls to deliver confidence and reliability in the
quality of your data.

Financial Data Quality Features:

  • Read any GL trial balance file or report in any format with NO manipulation
  • Direct Integration for any open ERP or data source
  • Pre-consolidation mapping and intersection validation
  • Post-consolidation validation and confirmation
  • Manage the close by requiring completeness and accuracy
  • Bi directional status updates of data collection and cube changes
  • E-mail or text error alerts
  • Complete audit trails from 10-K/10-Q
  • Drill through to source GL or ERP data
  • Drill downs from calculated and aggregated accounts
  • Phased submissions

Reduce Compliance Risk
OneStream reduces internal control risk with better audit trails, drill down and drill back to data sources along with complete process and change visibility. OneStream provides 50+ standard audit reports on changes to data, metadata, rules, maps etc. Always know who does what, when and how. In addition, as part of the workflow, OneStream
offers the opportunity to capture process control questionnaires for confirmation of process and certification of results at every level of the collection and consolidation.

Guided Workflows
Overarching Guided Workflows protect business users from complexity by guiding them uniquely through all data management, verification, analysis, certification and locking processes.

  • Intelligent Analytics are delivered within each workflow step
  • Separate input channels for data protection and transparency
  • Phased workflow process are available for all data collections
  • User and process aware
  • Unified workflow engine delivers a 100% reliable Process Status

Complete Transparency and Audit Trails
OneStream provides 100% transparency into the data uploading, mapping, calculating and reviewing process with the most complete audit trails, audit reports and process logs ever delivered. Transparency delivers data quality confidence.

  • Drill on any calculated or aggregated account or dimension
  • Keeps a trail of each drill step so user never gets lost data
  • Drill all the way to source GL account and into source file or back to transactional system details
  • Integration adapters drill directly into ERP transactions
  • Gain critical visibility into what, when and how adjustment data was entered at every level in the consolidation process

Advanced Capabilities:

  • Process Management with certification, promotion and locking
  • Attachment and archival of all source documents
  • Supports Sarbanes-Oxley process controls and questionnaires
  • Rules mapping (ranges, wildcards and logic)
  • Automated batch processing
  • Multi-period process for budgeting, planning or rolling forecast data
  • Standard workflow processes regardless of source or target

End-to-End Process Management
The OneStream Stage Database is the first stop for GL trial balances, supplemental data and other detail such as Sales data. Mapping and pre-and post load data validation checks are performed to ensure accuracy and completeness before the data is loaded into the appropriate financial model or cube. Guided Workflows ensure end-to-end process visibility. When source data is updated, or when users make a change in the consolidation cube, Workflow status detects the change and alerts users to the proper state of data quality.

Direct Integration with Any Open ERP or Source System

  • Build ODBC and OLEDB integrations with our Guided Connector Wizard
  • Deliver fast and efficient direct integration to source system
  • Drill down, drill back and drill through to transactional details, including journal entries
  • Deliver direct integration with available drill through for any open ERP including
  • Oracle, PeopleSoft, JDE, SAP and Microsoft AX/Dynamics, Infor and more

Most Complete Financial Data Quality
OneStream is an improvement to every aspect of data integration, drill through, mapping and process controls functionality. Delivering the most complete financial data quality solution ever developed. Financial data quality, consolidations and budgeting work as a team to ensure that all the data is timely and accurate.

  • Simplifies the data collection, consolidation and certification
  • Reduces costs of compliance, internal controls and audit requirements
  • Improves confidence in the quality of financial results
  • Provides consistency and accuracy with complete transparency
  • Visibility to journals, adjustments and eliminations at any level in the consolidation