• picture13Organization has changed ownership multiple times, and Acquisitions have been made, since the deployment of the original HFM solution in 2006
  • Organization has enhanced its business offering, resulting in limited functional reporting based on original ownership and original market
  • Upgrade HFM application from version 4 into HFM
  • Implement enhancements to minimize manual processes and streamline reporting


  • Rebuilt application in / converted to EPMA platform
    • Verified all objects had migrated properly
    • Reconciled data between applications
  • Added new dimensionality (“Tracking” and “Rollforward”) for enhanced reporting and to allow manual Excel calculations to be performed within HFM. Examples include: AdjEBITDA, intercompany and investment equity eliminations, ProForma reporting, enhanced cash flow reporting, and more robust constant currency analysis
  • Instituted periodic data loads and consolidations to account for ownership changes, acquisitions and enhanced legal entity reporting
  • Implement Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition (FDMEE) as the integration tool to map any source data into the target HFM, application including drill back to JDE GL
  • Configured JD Edwards source adapter to pull data directly from the ledger

The solution has been running in production since 2016


  • Provided more robust reporting capabilities utilizing minimal manual processes by implementing Periodic data loads, adding custom dimensionality, and performing in-system calculations
  • The redesigned business rules and data tracking capabilities allowed audit reports to be provided with less manual intervention
  • Use of FDMEE allows acquisition-company results to be loaded seamlessly – and consistently – into the solution.
  • Direct integration from JDE and “Drill-through” back into the JDE financial information for robust analytics

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