• Business model/market environment required dimensional analysis unmet by the general ledger
  • Hundreds of hard-coded reports linked to the general ledger, making modifications difficult
  • Report creation, maintenance, and access was restricted to the consolidation group
  • FX reporting was difficult with current general ledger set up
  • Manual Cash Flow and KPI reporting/analytics, resulting in excessive time to develop/modify as data changed throughout the close


  • Leveraged Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), Financial Reporting (FR), and Financial Data Management (FDM)
  • Performed a redesign of the chart of accounts (COA) ensure proper alignment to future reporting and analytic standards, and to serve as the basis for future changes to the ERP chart of accounts
  • HFM dimensionality and hierarchical capabilities were integrated to create extensible, flexible structures, providing true multi-dimensional capabilities for reporting and analysis
  • HFM enabled reporting in local/foreign currency and USD
  • FDM facilitated data loading for both Actuals and Planning data, and facilitated true multi-dimensional reporting
  • FR report templates available to all users of the system, creating a standardized, on-demand view of the business for all stakeholders, and eliminating the need to store hundreds of static reports
  • Smart View MS Office add-in empowered users to create their own ad-hoc reports

The solution has been running in production since 2013


  • Hyperion solution produced on-demand financial statement and analytics at multiple levels of detail at any point during the close
  • Shifted analytical reporting from a batch-driven process utilizing the general ledger to self-service, on-demand reporting leveraging the Hyperion suite
  • Decentralized report production and maintenance by providing ad-hoc analytics via Smart View, enabling users to create their own reports
  • Broadened analytic reporting by supporting general ledger drill through capabilities via FDM

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