• Complex Excel based planning process leaving the organization open to risk and time-consuming manual processes
  • Completed multiple scenarios for planning – including a base version, upside and downside – requiring multiple stakeholders to work within the Excel spreadsheets in parallel
  • Disparate technology managing actuals, external reporting, and account reconciliations. (HFM, FDM, Essbase, Blackline)
  • Opens itself to risk, especially for important SOX related compliance


  • 90 day go-live (Planning)
  • Ability to plan at same granular account detail as actuals
  • Seeding operating expenses and benefits with business drivers
  • Leveraging workflow to standardize process and tasks
  • Fully formatted and automated board books
  • Detailed audit reports with drill-back ability


  • Successfully migrated their planning process out of Excel spreadsheets and into OneStream 
  • Spends much less time checking formulas and manually linking files and more time on analysis of the key business drivers and planning scenarios
  • Leveraging detailed workflows and business drivers to standardize and seed various planning scenarios – creating focus on driving the business