• The Disclosure Review report was being built using Clarity to pull data from multiple sources and combine it into one report
  • New users were tasked with creating the report without access to Clarity, which required them to create data pulls from HFM, data pulls from Essbase, templates for manual inputs and links to multiple spreadsheets
  • The process was manual, time consuming, and prone to errors
  • Eliminations were being calculated in both Essbase and HFM



  • An Essbase cube (Closing Cube) was created to house all the data needed to produce the Disclosure Review report
  • PeopleSoft general ledger data was loaded into the Closing Cube using FDMEE
  • HFM data was extracted via Extended Analytics using a task flow, and loaded into the Closing Cube using FDMEE
  • The Disclosure Review report was modified to pull data from the Essbase Closing Cube

The solution has been running in production since 2016


  • The data collections process was streamlined since all required data was housed in one location
  • Users can gather information needed from one source, and have the ability to drill down on the information
  • Eliminations no longer needed to be performed in Essbase since the required data is loaded to the Closing Cube from HFM
  • Use Clarity to prepare the Disclosure Review report was discontinued
  • Report preparation time, and the opportunity for error, was reduced

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