• Supplemental reporting for FERC done offline in excel
  • Cumbersome manually entered into the FERC FoxPro database
  • Filings prepared manually, presenting difficulties staying in sync with the book of record


  • picture20Extend HFM use case to include FERC reporting
  • Prepare C Corp, Partnership, and FERC reporting using same underlying data
  • Create FERC entity reporting structures
  • Extend HFM dimensionality for FERC reporting needs
  • Leverage FDM to map relevant FERC data out of source systems
  • Extend existing business rules for FERC

The solution has been running in production since 2014


  • picture21Streamlining regulatory requirements removed need for offline reporting
  • Reduced FERC delivery time by 90% via one consolidation pass utilizing the same underlying data
  • 90% of the FERC filing was automated via HFM
  • The redesigned business rules and data tracking capabilities allowed audit reports to be provided with less manual intervention
  • Uniform reporting out of HFM/Smart view made FERC filing efficient and scalable

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