• Decentralized general ledgers across the globe
  • Hundreds of locations to perform HFM data loads
  • Sending data to multiple destinations during the load process
  • Timely process due to volume of data and destination exports
  • Internet connectivity difficult in remote locations during close


  • Build a FDMEE process that supports a simplistic process to load ~200 FDMEE locations
  • Provide notification of status throughout the data loads to Hyperion Admin and individual users
  • Connect directly to general ledgers where possible
  • Automate FDMEE data loading process with email notifications for direct integration and flat file locations
  • picture31Trigger data loads via Outlook inbox leveraging parameter files
  • Send email rendered Intersection Validation and unmapped member reports
  • Send Trial Balance validation reports to individual locations


  • Allows Hyperion Admin to control the load process
  • Provides end-users with limited internet connectivity a simplistic, user friendly way to load HFM and Essbase with email notifications
  • Requires appropriate security rights for both FDMEE, HFM and Essbase to perform tasks
  • FDMEE notifies users throughout the process of completed steps and failures (Unmapped members or Intersection Validation Report) via email
  • Consolidations and Validation Reports are automatically triggered for initial sign-off
  • Saved users hours of manually loading and running processes in FDMEE, HFM and Essbase

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