• Desire to automate entire driver-based Global Planning and Forecast process
  • Desire to allow adjustments during and after driver-based process
  • Tremendous volume of account/departments/Markets, etc. involved in the process
  • Ability to allow BUs to affect change within the process


  • Developed driver/spread based model for full detail surrounding 3 primary statements (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow)
  • Model drives at the Product, Market, Region and Account levels
  • Driver updates created at the metadata/text field level and not the code level
  • Iterative process with ability to turn on/off re-spreads, etc.


  • “Push Button” process to allow seeding for full Trial Balance across Forecast and Plan
  • Less time spend developing Forecast/Plan and more time spent analyzing results
  • Ability to pivot and adjust real time across all drivers/spreads
  • Less reliance on business rule knowledge putting maintenance and updates in the hands of those driving strategic decision.