• An Organization composed of investments in diverse, stand-alone businesses
  • Each subsidiary operates independently, with their own COA
  • Manufacturing and Service businesses, in unrelated industries, need to use one COA
  • Need a model COA that can be used for businesses yet to be acquired in unknown industries


  • Create one common chart of accounts, combining elements of Service and Manufacturing, to accommodate all business holdings
  • Facilitate Product/Service reporting for all business holdings
  • Incorporate common reporting parent levels, combining the Service and Manufacturing, for consolidated reporting
  • Provide enough detail for each type of industry to perform management reporting

The solution has been running in production since 2013


  • One version of the truth – all businesses can speak to each other the same language
  • Flexibility to view reporting by Product/Service line or geography for management reporting
  • Common reporting levels for the Corporate parent and the subsidiaries
  • Flexible for future acquisitions

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