• Multiple consolidation systems
  • Dynamic ownership calculations
  • Thousands of accounts/LE’s/Products
  • Legal Entity reporting gap
  • Lack of standardization between divisions and regions
  • Duplicative reporting efforts at region and division levels
  • Process inconsistencies
  • Excessive time spent preparing reports, limited time spent analyzing results


  • Hyperion solutions addressed consolidation and reporting needs
  • Underlying “leading practices” ensure company’s objectives are met
  • Consistent, automated reporting achieves SOX compliance
  • Ability to drill to product details from HFM
  • A combination of MDM, FDM, and dimension-building load rules were selected to create a “lights out” process to synchronize hierarchies in both the consolidation and reporting environments

The solution has been running in production since 2007


  • Easy to use, self-service reports and dashboards for managers and analysts
  • Flexibility to view reporting by service line or geography
  • Specific views created in seconds, not hours or days
  • Up-to-date information
  • Ability to “drill-down” into financial information for more robust analytics

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