• picture7The current consolidation platform, Hyperion Enterprise, had limited dimensionality.  As a result, 18 organizations and nearly 28,000 entities were required to report Legal Entities, Areas of Responsibility, and Product Line information.
  • The current solution is not user-friendly or intuitive.
  • Application maintenance is cumbersome.  New application updates were only created and distributed annually.


  • Leveraged the added dimensionality of HFM to move the Areas of Responsibility and Product Lines into the custom dimensions.
  • The use of two organizations and ~150 entities facilitate the Legal Entity and Tax reporting requirements.
  • The Area of Responsibility (28 members) and the Product Line (78 members) facilitate the management reporting needs by utilizing the custom dimensions.
  • Streamlined dimensionality makes application maintenance a near “real time” exercise.

The solution has been running in production since 2008


  • The new solution is more intuitive to the end-user community.
  • Complex labeling conventions were eliminated and dimension member sets are small and easy to navigate.
  • System updates can be performed as often as necessary, allowing greater visibility into product line results.

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