Specialty Planning Solutions

Download OneStream MarketPlace solutions into your existing OneStream application without any technical complexity. Start solving the business problem on day one with complete and powerful solutions that offer instant functionality targeted to solve those unique planning requirements.

People Planning
Plan on all elements of human capital by using drivers and dynamic calculations to project the costs of new hires and changes for compensation, benefits, taxes, travel, expenses, etc. to drive insight into their impact on cash.
Capex Planning
Plan on the expected cash, funding, maintenance and depreciations associated with capital expenses.
Cash Planning
Plan on the sources and uses of cash from AR, AP, acquisitions, disposals, funding, revenue and expenses.
Thing Planning
All-encompassing solution to plan on anything from project platforms, that require a more detailed level of planning like projects or SKU level planning.

Financial and operational driver-based planning
Leverage driver-based planning by allowing non-financial users to
adjust business and operational drivers that drive financial results.
Gain visibility into how sales, production, price, insurance or tax
changes could affect profitability and cost.

Transparency for compliance and control
OneStream employs the most detailed audit trails along with
process transparency documenting who changed what, where and
when to provide data quality confidence. Compare budget versions
with easy change analysis and control.

Powerful allocations without the risk
OneStream powerful allocation capabilities allow you to do
mass allocations across multiple dimensions and currencies without
the risk of an allocation error obliterating your budget. Our magic
“undo” button clears the allocation back to the beginning balance.

“What-if” scenario modeling and analysis
OneStream offers powerful and flexible “what-if” scenario
management. Change drivers and spread adjustments to visualize
the impact on the entire budget. Model your scenarios until you
achieve the correct outlook and then populate to the working
budget scenario.

Machine Learning—the game changer for FP&A
Statistical-based forecasting and the ability to leverage econometric data is the technical innovation that will lead the office of financial planning and analysis into a new era of business forecasting. OneStream ML 1-2-3 simplifies this sophisticated process. The OneStream stage engine takes care of collecting and preparing financial, operational and econometric data (Step 1) to be submitted to the Microsoft Machine Learning Studio statistical-based modeling scenarios will be handled by the Microsoft ML Studio where your statistical-based models and regression analysis algorithms will be housed (Step 2). OneStream will complete the round trip by extracting data from ML Studio and bringing it back into OneStream for comparison, adjustment, analysis and final approval (Step 3).