• Client out of compliance internally and Oracle support externally due to current version
  • Upgrade would require migration/partial rebuild of FDM to FDMEE
  • Excel based reporting could not simply be “migrated” to the new version of Smart View


  • Upgraded HFM/FDM/Reporting to the latest HFM
  • Performed installation, configuration and database schema migration, which contains all the HFM artifacts. Once the applications were in the new environment, performed schema upgrades.
  • Performed migration, where possible of FDM objects to FDMEE and rebuilt of scripting from VB to Jython, where necessary (shared development)
  • picture27Developed scripts to allow for migration of old Excel based reporting to New Smart View functionality
  • Reconciling HFM between versions for data
  • Perform complete system tests to ensure accuracy and completeness of the upgrade
  • Developed and administered training for new features/functionality


  • Fully compliant and supported consolidation system
  • Minimize rebuild and reconciliation time using previous migration experience and custom migration tools/processes
  • Allowed GBI and Client to efficiently manage a smaller budget

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